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Sunsports Scuba Diving & Snorkeling Trip

Quick Details

Snorkeler or Rider Ages 8+
Diver Ages 10+

Dive Into Adventures and Explore Key Largo’s Reef  and Wrecks in Florida


Explore the wonders of Key Largo’s marine treasures with our scuba dive and boat tours, and venture into two contrasting areas filled with vibrant reefs and breathtaking ruins Whether you are one certified diver or snorkeler, these tours offer an immersive experience. The itinerary may include a visit to two excellent reefs, a search for a combination of faulted reefs and reefs, or a trip through two faulted reefs of interest Selection depends on the level of certification and availability of conditions, ensuring a customized and safe visit for all participants.

Our dive sites are thoughtfully chosen, taking into account the layout, weather and minimum certification among participants. This ingenious approach ensures a satisfying and safe experience. For specifics and additional information about the watering holes, please do not hesitate to contact us directly by phone. Your trip to the underwater wonders of Key Largo awaits!