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Scuba Diving Boat Charter

Quick Details

Private charter Now gear is included if needed

Reserve and Explore Your Personalized Diving Charter for Your Celebrations  With Our Boat Charter in Kay Largo, FL



Get on an exclusive boat charter designed for dive enthusiasts looking for the complete experience. With two tanks and two separate snorkeling areas, we cater for smaller groups including experienced snorkelers and divers. Dive into the depths of the world’s third-largest obstacle course aboard the BlueWater Diver, a custom-maintained thirty-foot vessel.

Our special tours ensure an unparalleled intimate destination. As we navigate these spectacular waters, we prioritize your comfort and relaxation, where we will provide you with bottled water and refreshments. Join us on board the U.S. This Coast Guard-approved interior, where visual pleasure meets convenience and safety, promises an unforgettable journey into underwater wonder.