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At Bluewater Divers in Key Largo, FL, our legacy is driven by the expertise and passion of our dive instructors. Our team of instructors has trained in the midst of breathtaking aquatic environments, and remains a cornerstone of our commitment to unparalleled diving experiences. Each teacher holds a deep connection to the ocean, offering a wealth of knowledge and guidance that has been nurtured by years of searching and dedication. With a focus on safety, skill development and an unwavering passion for marine life, our instructors take divers into a world of wonder, creating unbreakable bonds between enthusiasts and enhance the spectacular depths of Key Largo’s blue waters.

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Go Scube Diving in the Florida Keys!
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Fantastic family dive trip!

This dive trip was one of the best I have done in this area! Our captain and guide were the most helpful and nice I have ever had! The owner was very friendly and helpful in helping me get things organized for me and five other family members. Just a fantastic experience! Thanks Blue Water Divers!!

– Tripadvisor, Mike H.
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Awesome company!

Outstanding. My daughter and I did a 2 dive charter, it was amazing. It was my daughter's first ocean dive and it could not have been better. The staff are so friendly and professional. They made her feel very comfortable and relaxed for her first dive. We will be going back for more adventures. Thank you.

– Tripadvisor, Todd B.
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Excellent team!

Excellent crew, excellent instructor, capable team. Smaller boats helped with more hands-on interaction/engagement for my son who was getting his Advanced Open Water certification. Good communication before the dives about potential weather issues and helped with setting up alternatives.

– Tripadvisor, Amyn M.
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Great Family Dive Experience!

Great trip. We went out as a family of five and the captain and dive lead were both very professional and made the trip fun and safe. We did two dives and that catered the dives to what we wanted to see. It was a great experience and I highly recommend diving with them. As a bonus, they told us about some great local places to eat after our dive and they were amazing.

– Tripadvisor, Scott S.
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Yesterday we had a great day with Blue Water Divers. They took 5 family members out- 2 snorklers and 3 divers and we had a great morning. Staff is very professional, we left and returned on time and all went super smoothly. I highly recommend them. We are looking forward to our next trip with them.

– Tripadvisor, Allison W.